Power360 gives you electricity at wholesale rates and a 360-day renewal window

The electricity package designed specifically for SMEs

Don’t be restricted by your size. Power360 gives you access to electricity at wholesale rates, a 360-day renewal window plus free smart meter technology. What more could you ask for?


Choose Power360 and benefit from:

  • Annual price reviews – we review your price after 12 months to ensure you are paying the most competitive rates
  • Peace of mind – renew your contract sooner than 180 days. Power 360 enables you to renew your contract 360 days in advance at our exclusive 24 and 36 month rates
  • Purchasing power – unlock the benefits of group buying power and get access to highly-competitive wholesale prices
  • Reduced energy expenditure – improve your forecasting and budgeting and eliminate complaints about estimated bills with our free smart meters 
See how much money you could save with Power360