Price Shield

Protect yourself from rising energy prices with Price Shield from GET Energy+

Want to know exactly how much your business energy’s going to cost each month?

Looking for a tariff that offers more than just a fixed price?


Price Shield offers you fixed price energy until April 2020 at wholesale rates and enables you to take advantage of the latest market movements.


Why Price Shield?

  • Purchasing power – get access to highly-competitive wholesale prices, thanks to our group buying power
  • Budget certainty – secure your price. If the market rises, your exclusive price is protected
  • Greater opportunity – take advantage of market movements. If the market dips, you can unfix your secured price and blend/extend with lower market rates
  • Risk management – we monitor the market and provide you with industry reports on a quarterly basis, which we use to advise you on when energy is at its cheapest
  • Discounted green energy – avoid having to pay the Climate Change Levy (CCL) premium by opting for green/renewable energy at a discount of 15%
  • Flexible agreements – we avoid take or pay clauses, meaning you aren’t penalised for reducing or over-using your energy consumption
  • Bill validation – we conduct a retrospective energy bill analysis as far back as 6 years to see if you have been overcharged by your supplier
  • Smart meter – you only pay for what you use because we the ability to fit an automated meter reading (AMR) device to your meter. This gives you exact, daily reads, which means your invoices will accurately reflect your usage
  • Energy Manager software – the automated reading device links to our Energy Manager software, which means we can advise on ways to reduce your consumption and carbon footprint

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